Merong Forever by Ayel and AzukiMi Official Music Video

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Here is a new song from 95HUNDRED and Tunog Danao entitled "Merong Forever."

It is always subject of debate today whether forever exists or not. The phrase, "Walang Forever" is almost an automatic response whenever people hear of a failed relationship. But we think otherwise.

While a lot of people think negatively about failed relationship, we ask,"Should we stop loving because we have been hurt once?"

This song and video relives the precious moments of love on its early stage.

For this video to become a reality, we would like to thank the following:

Bunzo of Hymnmagsikan Wrecords
Rovie Ann and Roviliza Perez
Kreyzi Bayrus
The guard and crew of Dunkin Donuts Pioneer
Chavez Family (especially to RJayand J-J Chavez)
Shoutouts also to Down South Krew (DSK) for their graffiti that we used as backdrop.

MusikaCentral continues to support GenSan's local artists.
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