Maling Hinala by AzukiMi feat Ayel - Official Music Video

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From the same team that brought you Merong Forever, here comes another music video, but this time, it is a little bit darker and a little bit sordid. Written by AzukiMi, Maling Hinala, is a song about a guy who had been misled by a "girl" he pursued, ending up with a funny realization that their being together is a big mistake.

Ayel provided the chorus, which reminds everyone about the deception that is upon us all. Not all that the eyes see is real. One has to be cunning to avoid being fooled.

Providing the sultry voice of the "girl" is Jezzamae Matura. My apologies for missing to include her in the end credits. We couldn't have completed this project without her raspy, sexy voice.

Here is the music video of Maling Hinala by AzukiMi featuring Ayel:

To you, who's watching and reading this, thank you for supporting local artists!
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