Kung Magkita Ta sa Langit by AzukiMi & Chupaping

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WHAT WILL you ask God when you meet Him in Heaven?

That is what this new song from Tunog Danao's AzukiMi and Chupaping is all about. It talks about how we usually set aside our duties to the Almighty as we go get busy with our worldly engagements only to turn to Him again when times get rough.

Get ready to be guilt-ridden as you listen to this track.

Here is the official music video of Kung Magkita Ta sa Langit by AzukiMi and Chupaping:

The music video stars AzukiMi and Chupaping themselves in the main role, with the special participation of KreyziBayrus (Charles Cyril Boc) and his mom (Dinavivian Pasaporte-Boc), Ripztah (James Hermosa), and Rowena (AzukiMi's special someone).

One important note about the making of this video is that it shows how dedicated AzukiMi and Chupaping are in their craft. They worked really hard in order for this project to be realized. Due to lack of funds, they used their skills -- electrical installation -- to pay for the expenses of the video production. They helped repair the electrical installations at Ayel's Digi-Hub in exchange for the video production. They have proven that nothing is impossible for those who are willing to work hard for their dreams.
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