David DiMuzio seeks media support for Bisrock and music in other dialects

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YOUTUBE SENSATION David DiMuzio recently released a video of him and "Russian girl" Anna Rabtsun singing their version of the Bisrock (Bisaya rock) hit, Bisan Pa.

Although it has gone viral with almost  100 thousand views (as of this writing) on YouTube and thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, DiMuzio noticed that it has not caught national media attention as did his previous feats.

Here is the video entitled,

Pretty Russian Girl Sings BISAYA Song "Bisan Pa" w/David DiMuzio:


On his Facebook page, he wrote:

When my last Tagalog cover song went viral starting with 30K views in the first day literally within 24hrs EVERY single major TV news network in the Philippines contacted me and covered/featured the video. ...This time my new Bisaya cover has had 100K views in 2 days which is even way more than my Tagalog cover got and yet not one news channel or newspaper has contacted me about featuring it.

He then pointed out to the unfair treatment and lack of support for music produced in other Filipino dialects.

In the description of the YouTube videos, DiMuzio expressed his amazement that many Tagalog-speaking people he knows can't name Bisaya songs and that most Bisaya people only know Matud Nila (an old Bisaya Kundiman).

Netizens shared with DiMuzio's feelings, supported his statement, and shared the video in social networking sites.

MusikaCentral also joins DiMuzio's call. That is why, MusikaCentral has started supporting local talents here in South Central Mindanao (SoCCSKSarGen). The music video we produced for local artist Paolo Araneta,  entitled Kinabuhi is just one of our efforts.

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