Mahika ni Monica by AXL Grico ft. AYEL Official Music Video

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From the makers of Kinabuhi, Katarungan, Diwata sa Panaginip, and Iyong Ganda, comes another music video featuring local artists from GenSan -- Mahika ni Monica by AXL Grico featuring AYEL.

Mahika ni Monica is the first collaboration between me and AXL Grico. Mahika ni Monica is about a boy's obsession over a girl he has just met. In the video, we played a bit of mystery on the character of Monica. It is all up to the viewer to conclude what happens after the boy discovers the "magic" Monica used against him.

Mahika ni Monica stars Mi Va Ocmar in the lead role, with AXL Grico, Judie Drama, Kreyzi Bayrus (Charles Cyril Boc), a kid named Aziza Eto, and a pussy cat named, Laput.

Most of the scenes were shot at the Saavedra-Saway old house in Labangal, General Santos City. Others were taken secretly at one of the malls in the city.

Here's the video:

This video did not cost us anything, just pure love for music and art. This doesn't give us anything in return, too, except for the feeling that we've expressed ourselves and shown our talents.

After Mahika ni Monica, another music video is coming out soon. It's gonna be my debut as a local recording artist. :)

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