Charice on Glee, the hit TV Series

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CHARICE has finally confirmed it in Twitter that she's getting a role in the second season of the hit musical TV series, Glee. It has also been confirmed on Entertainment Tonight.

According to the news, she is going to take the role of an exchange student whose vocal prowess will threaten Glee's lead role, Rachel Berry.

I have seen all the episodes of Glee and I could see that Charice would easily fit in. The TV series Glee already has talented Asians and Blacks on the show. With Charice on Glee, the show will have more and more followers as Charice herself has amazed a large group of people with her performances.

Charice denied the rumors at first but later on, she confirmed it herself.

Good luck, Charice! I know, you'll make it big on Glee! I'm sure, you will be another interesting character in the series. We will all be waiting what Charice can do on Glee.
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