Blind woman has Karen Carpenter's voice

HERE'S ANOTHER talented Filipina who is gaining popularity on Facebook recently when she sang Karen Carpenter classic, You, in a Public Market in Pasig City.  The blind woman with Karen Carpenter's voice is identified as Anna Terrefiel Gusmos.

In the video, she sings while her baby sits on her lap. She sings to live music by a band composed of his husband, Reynante who plays the guitar, and Jericho Baying on keyboard.

Here's the video and listen closely:

And so you can see the similarity, here is the original version of You by Karen Carpenter

That is pure talent. The band just relies on the loose change people would drop in their can. I hope they can make a better living out of their talent.

The Philippines is indeed awash with talented people. Good luck, Anna, keep singing Karen Carpenter songs! I hope Carpenter's fans will be pleased and help Anna.


Charice is back on YouTube singing Kisapmata

CHASTERS HAVE been on missing Charice as she suddenly "disappeared" from the airwaves after her last project on ABS-CBN, The X-Factor Philippines, where she was one of the judges.

She recently created buzz online as photos about her choice of look and rumors about her sexual preference spread about.

Recently, YouTube user Mico Malonzo uploaded a video of Charice singing Kisapmata, which was popularized by Rivermaya in the 90's.

Charice sings Kisapmata

The video was automatically flooded with comments from Chasters expressing how much they miss Charice performing.

Here are few of the comments:

Izi So: Labyo, Cha! I've been waiting to hear your version of Kisapmata since last March's OpSmile. I just stared watching this...gosh, I miss U so much! :'-)

Deck Serena: Charice, don't be stubborn.
Millions of people all over the world adored you because of your talent, the kind of gift and talent that is only given to ONE human being in every generation.
Spiderman's uncle said, with great power comes great responsibility. Your talent is your power, Charice. Think about it. Dang, I really hope you are reading this.

There were also requests for more videos and Mico Malonzo granted their request. Here is another video of Charice singing Lighthouse.

Charice sings Lighthouse

One of the most touching comments I've is this one by jaybals07:

What happened to her?..i couldn't even believed it..where's the most talented girl in the world?..what will happen to those thousand dreams that inspired by this talented girl?..hoping she would come back 
 MusikaCentral has also followed Charice's career and wishes that Charice really will come back.


Call for Auditions: Bodega Resto Bar Battle of the Bands

FOR LOCAL bands out there, here's your chance to let your music be heard as Bodega Resto Bar and Music Lounge launches Battle of the Bands 2013.

Auditions are on May 8 and 9, 2013 from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. For more information on the screening, you may contact 09225458349, 09098969411, and 09177034099 or visit their Facebook Page.

I. Mechanics for Screening
a. Each Group will have a minimum of Three (3) and maximum of six (6) members 
(actual stage performers).
b. The members of the group may be composed of all males or females, or any
combination of both.
c. Each group will perform their choice of music with a time limit of 15 minutes.
d. Each group will perform to any music as there are no obscene, lewd or green
words in the lyrics (note: too much amplification of instruments that will
obscure or overpower the volume of the vocals is not allowed.
e. Medley arrangement of songs is allowed.
f. The use of Pyrotechnic gadgets, smoke or combustive materials as props are
not allowed.
g. During the back-to-back performance, the audience will be obliged to cast their
scores through score cards rated from 1 to 10 (1 as the lowest and 10 as the

II. Criteria for Judging (Screening) Percentage Points
a. Musicality (harmony, rhythm, sound quality) 40%
b. Performance (stage presence, style) 20%
c. Originality 10%
d. Audience Votes 30%
Total: 100%

The Grand Battle happens on May 28, 2013 at Bodega Resto Bar, San Miguel St., General Santos City, in front of SM City GenSan. Tickets for the Grand Battle are priced at Php120, which comes with free beer and pulutan.


Local music artists unite on Labor Day, call for clean vote

FOR THE seventh time now, music artists from GenSan and its neighbors united to pay tribute to the labor force and this time, with special attention on encouraging the people to exercise their right of suffrage and to cast wise votes.

At the Al Fresco strip of Robinson's Place GenSan, artists of various genres performed in front of a crowd that was composed mainly of the youth.

Kuerdas, a popular reggae band in the south, opened the show with optimistic song, One Day, followed by Bob Marley's hits.

Rap artists from Hymnmagsikan Wrecords, rock, metal, and hardcore bands heated up the night.

Marlon Binarao of Hilig Extreme, the event organizer, thanked the event sponsors, supporters, and performers and echoed the event's purpose.

David DiMuzio seeks media support for Bisrock and music in other dialects

YOUTUBE SENSATION David DiMuzio recently released a video of him and "Russian girl" Anna Rabtsun singing their version of the Bisrock (Bisaya rock) hit, Bisan Pa.

Although it has gone viral with almost  100 thousand views (as of this writing) on YouTube and thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, DiMuzio noticed that it has not caught national media attention as did his previous feats.

Here is the video entitled,

Pretty Russian Girl Sings BISAYA Song "Bisan Pa" w/David DiMuzio:


On his Facebook page, he wrote:

When my last Tagalog cover song went viral starting with 30K views in the first day literally within 24hrs EVERY single major TV news network in the Philippines contacted me and covered/featured the video. ...This time my new Bisaya cover has had 100K views in 2 days which is even way more than my Tagalog cover got and yet not one news channel or newspaper has contacted me about featuring it.

He then pointed out to the unfair treatment and lack of support for music produced in other Filipino dialects.

In the description of the YouTube videos, DiMuzio expressed his amazement that many Tagalog-speaking people he knows can't name Bisaya songs and that most Bisaya people only know Matud Nila (an old Bisaya Kundiman).

Netizens shared with DiMuzio's feelings, supported his statement, and shared the video in social networking sites.

MusikaCentral also joins DiMuzio's call. That is why, MusikaCentral has started supporting local talents here in South Central Mindanao (SoCCSKSarGen). The music video we produced for local artist Paolo Araneta,  entitled Kinabuhi is just one of our efforts.

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