Charice wows audience as Sunshine Corazon on Glee Season 2 Premiere

EVERYONE'S TALKING about her. My Plurk timeline is filled with updates from people who have just watched the premiere episode of Glee Season 2. Sunshine Corazon and Charice are trending on Twitter. Youtube videos about her performance on the show abound.

Why not? Aside from the botox issue, there are plenty of reason why Glee is making more buzz. There are new members added to the cast, new conflicts, and new competitions.

Watch this video of Charice in her first encounter with Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) where they sing Telephone.

Telephone  by Charice and Lea Michelle and Listen by Charice on Glee Season 2 Premiere

On Glee Season 2 premiere episode entitled "Audition" Sunshine Corazon is introduced as a foreign student at McKinley High.

New Directions is looking for additional members as part of Will Schuester's (Matthew Morisson) effort in saving the glee club after the principal has announced a 10% budget cut. In her fear of being robbed of the limelight, Rachel gave Sunshine the wrong instructions for the New Directions Audition. Rachel apologized later and welcomed Sunshine to the real audition, where she beautifully sang Beyonce's Listen.

Rachel learned that, with the help of Sue (Jane Lynch), Sunshine has been recruited by Vocal Adrenaline, the winning team in the Regionals. She realized that instead of helping save New Directions, Sunshine has gone to make the other camp stronger. Rachel then realized that she loved herself more than she loved the glee club and apologized for it.

By the looks of it, Sunshine makes Glee shine brighter. Congratulations, Charice!

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