Another proof of our preference for the underdog: Ejay Falcon is Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Big Winner

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IN A spectacular, out-of-this world Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition BIG NIGHT, Ejay Falcon affirms the predictable voting behavior of Filipinos--the preference for the underdog.

Many might still be questioning whether Ejay deserves to be the big winner. And many are still wondering how he has surpassed Robi Domingo's consistent lead in online polls. Ejay got 620,934 votes, 32, 819 votes more than Robi's 588,115 votes. We saw the numbers change. It was Robi who was leading the count in the first few minutes of the show. But right before the announcement, an unbelievable number of votes, about 35-40 thousand or even more votes, came in for Ejay.

One justification we could give about the outcome of the voting is that the people saw that it was Ejay who deserved the money more than anyone else in the show--the same reason why Erning, Ejay's guardian made it as the Big Winner, too, among the guardians. Others might also be needing money but Eajy and Erning both showed the more acceptable behavior inside, by staying in the sidelines, or as they call it, playing safe.

Robi, on the other hand, obviously didn't get inside the house to get the money. Although Robi has also shown an attitude that is worth emulating, the people still didn't chose him because they might be thinking that he has already proven himself. In their hearts, they know that Robi is the role model for the youth and he dosn't have to be the big winner in orther to create a positive influence.

In this video, you will see how happy Ejay was at the moment he knew he was the night's Big winner:

In our poll here on MusikaCentral, it was Robi who won by small margin:

Congratulations to Ejay, Robi, Nicole, and Beauty!
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